City Visitors' Promotion Fund

City Visitors' Promotion Fund
16 1st St NE
Tioga, ND 58852
Tioga, ND 58852
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The Visitors' Committee was established to serve as an advisory committee to the city governing body in administering the proceeds from the taxes available from the 2% City Occupancy tax.  The funds must be used to generally promote, encourage, and attract visitors to come to the City of Tioga and use the travel and tourism facilities within the city.   The committee consists of five board members appointed by the city commission. 

The Visitors Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month, please submit an application by the 1st of each month for review.  

To submit an application, please email Visitors' Fund application to  or drop off at city hall.


Board Members

Maggie Albrecht President
Judy Odegaard Vice President
Patti Beck  
Ronda Davidson  
Ronica Pederson Secretary/Treasurer





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